LIVE ON TRAIL Camino Frances : Los Arcos – Viana

Yet another glorious day on the Camino, it has been a bit windy at times. Sorry for the delay- I could not upload photos very well, they kept on deleting themselves. I saved as draft and chilled out as I was tired anyway.

I left Los Arcos at about 10 after a coffee and some tortilla de patata on the square. I stated on the square and chatted to some other walkers. There was a lady whos toenail had fallen off so she was taking some rest days and a man with an Italian crew who were doing over 50km everyday and thought its better to drink wine and wait for them!

So off through the vineyards I went, so many vineyards- thousands of acres! It appears the 3 main local products are bread, wine and olives- what more do you need!

The path out of Los Arcos full of Olive plantations.
You are walking on a road for quite a bit of the journey, but very few cars around.
It was a warm sunny day but quite a bit of wind about.
Flexxing the windy pilgrim look. 
Olives trees and Joey pup.

I got to the pueblo of Torres del Rio (Bulls of the River) at about midday. It was a long stretch without any stops so I decided to stop off for a menu del peregrinos. I had a salad and a chuleta of beef, Joey did very well I must say. They do a really good job on these menus- definately designed for people who have been burning lots of calories all day. I also had a few vinos- since the fuente de vino, I have got a taste for a wine or two during the days walking. I sat and chatted to a frenchman and a dutchman for an hour or so and then hit the road.

The next stretch was full of delights, lots of stone art and lots of pilgram art. I was cautious of the rocks though as they are prime areas for snakes and I am not worried about being bitten but I really worry about Joey.

Really stunning views on this section.
Bit of dappled shade in the woodland.
A stone cross with lots of trinkets and charms.
Pilgram art 👌ý
Magic wishing tree.
Perfect hiding places for snakies.
Perfect place for a picnic.
Our lady of the pope blesse the town of bargota, protect the pilgrims.
Stunning views.
Approaching Viana.
A nice bench but unfortunately right next to a busy road so I skipped this opportunity.

So I carried on walking through many vineyards and then it starts getting nearer an urban environment. You can see the town of Viana. Which is stunning and you can still feel the medieval influence on the town. There are also still lots of Basque references and many still consider Navarra part of the Basque Country. Its a stunning town , I wish I explored it more but truth is I stayed in as I had a big lunch I wasn’t too hungary so ate some orange and almonds for dinner and got an early night. I stayed in accomodation called Casa de San Pedro and was dog friendly for 40€. It is turning out to be very expensive doing it with a dog so unfortunately tomorrow will be my last day for this trip as I have spent all my money.

7 thoughts on “LIVE ON TRAIL Camino Frances : Los Arcos – Viana

  1. Just returned from days spent in Bilbao, San Sebastian, Oiartzun, and Irun, some of it with my father who is an anthropologist knowing in the Basque Country as Mr. Basque for his life of work on the Basque Diaspora and other aspects of life of the Basque culture. I can see why one might want to hike the region. I did in relatively small doses and came to love the place.

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    1. What a stunning time you must have had, really lovely stretch. I love San Sebastian, it is my favourite city. I have come to love and understand Basque culture too as I am living in the heart of Gipuzkoa with my trilingual Basque partner! Thanks for reading 😁

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