LIVE ON TRAIL Camino Frances : Puente la reyna – Cirauqui

I am writing this from an albergue in Cirauqui that accepts dogs. It is called Casa de Ocogida Bidegain. There is very limited signal so I can not access my blog. I am writing this as a text message so I can copy and paste when I find signal.

I have had a very slack day but I really enjoyed Puente de la Reyna – what a stunning place! Williams parents came and met us last night so we had a really tasty dinner last night and a really nice lunch today too!!! I had a gulas and gambas salad followed by a fillet if turbot (oh my gosh it was so tasty) for dinner and for lunch I had a monkfish fillet with potatoes. Both meals were so fresh and lovely! I am a fish lover as you can tell- it must be my childhood in Cornwall with fisherman brothers.

Puente de la Reyna means The Queens Bridge and this is thefamoys bridge that leaves the beautiful town.
The entrance to the medieval main street of Puente de la Reyna.
Who said Spain didn’t do roses!!!! Stunning display!!!

So as for walking I left those guys at 5pm so I only did a small 7.8k but I’m OK with that as I want to enjoy myself. It was really hard leaving William and Dusty- I felt quite sad. I still do, just a funny niggle that I can’t explain. I think its because I am on my own now and part of me wanted to go home and have a snuggle and a bath. But I am with my boy dog Joey and he is such a trooper and I live him to bits as he is the perfect Camino dog. Except while I was in a shop he managed to wiggle out of his lead and annoy me but I got lots of treats off the butcher for him as he saw Joey and asked me if I wanted any scraps, so maybe that was Joeys plan! He has done well today, we got lots of scraps from the restaurant too and there were whole steaks in there-fit for humans totally. What a lucky dog hey!!!

Approaching the quiet pueblo of Cirauqui.

It is either a really long day of 35k tomorrow or a short one of 16k as accomodation is so limited. I would usually think 36k is an ideal amount bit the 40k day really dud take it out of me so I have a feeling I will have a leisurely day. I think I may be camping tomorrow too… That will be interesting… I am really keen to get all my kit tested so hopefully the weather holds out.

A rare selfie moment…notice my lovely straw hat, buff AND sunglasses…. haha… who says u cant look good on the camino hey 😂


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