LIVE ON TRAIL Camino Frances: San Jean Pied de Port and the Pyranees

The Castle in St JPDP. If you walk up the steps it brings you too the top of the massive defensive structure for some stunning views

Ok so walking across the Pyranees turned out to be in terrential rain with no visability and we were advised to take the road route. This would have meant lots of walking in terrential rain with 2 dogs on a lead, on a busy road with no visability. Plus we would not even being able to see the views we wanted. We had arranged accomodation 36km ahead and we were both really gutted that we decided to skip this section and explore the Pyranees and then leave the car in Espinal, where our accomodation was. In hindsight I really think we made the right decision, we would have been soaking wet and generally not enjoying it. If I were on my own carefree it would be different, but with dogs things are way more complicated.

But what a stunning place I was in anyway, so I’m not complaining! We went for a walk around the river and up and around the castle. Then we had some dinner and got an early night, we were at this point really revved up and ready for the Napoleon route across the rainy Pyranees and it was not till the next day that we decided to change the plan.

Even on a mizzly and rainy day it is a really stunning place
So many Roman Bridges around these parts.  Just makes you wonder how many people have crossed them.
The Steps up to the top of the castle


Not quite the best day but still powerful
Sheepies by the Castle

The next day we just drove to some stunning places in the Pyranees and took the dogs for a short walk in the woods and then headed to Espinal for more walkies and a menu del dia.

And now for some photos of the Spainish Basque Pyranees across the border.



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