Pre camino prep and frustration

I am driving to Saint Jean Pied de Port tomorrow to spend the night and start the pilgrimage of the Camino de Frances.

Bag all packed – check

Logistics and accommodation sorted – check

Dog stuff all packed and ready – check

So I’m feeling pretty organised, except one thing….


it’s looking to be pretty stormy with thunder and lightening forecast with heavy rain… I am in Gipuzkoa now and its raining cats and dogs with massive thunder and lightening storms!


Since I have been here the weather has not been quite what I expected for ‘Sunny Spain’. So I had the coldest winter and walked in the snow more than I have ever experienced. The dogs loved it-munching on snow and galloping in it. I loved it for a while too but soon after months of being cold the novelty wore off!!!

So back to the Camino, were off tomorrow but I am not going too Santiago. Infact I have only booked accomodation until muruzabal, which is 20k after Pamplona.

Fingers crossed for better weather than is forecast, I have a feeling I will be needing my waterproofs more than my Sunhat, which is ashame because I really want to get some sunny pics,but hey ho I am just thankful for the oppurtunities I have in this glorious country.

16 thoughts on “Pre camino prep and frustration

  1. Tamar, if it helps, I’m on the LePuy and it’s cold and rainy here too. And will be for days. I hope you can post from the road. Loads of people seem to be walking with their dogs here. Best wishes and hope those raindrops can be dodged.


    1. Hey Beth, ah wow fantastic! I hope your having a great time despite the ‘not so fairytale weather’. Nice to hear there is lots of doggies, that gives me lots of confidence. Have a great time, I look forward to hearing about it and yes I will try and post when I get the chance 😁😁


  2. Hi Tamar,
    I really want to do something similar to the walk that you are embarking on, but have been held back by the fact that I have a dog. Did you have any problems in securing accommodation with the dog in mind. Also, how did you get out there in the first place. Car, train, bus, boat ??
    Good luck with everything !

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    1. Hey Kevin, thanks for swinging by. I totally understand the feeling-its so frustrating isn’t it! Accomodation was not too bad but it was a little more expensive than the albergues. I just used a pet friendly filter on I am living in Spain too so am very lucky in that front. My dogs came over from England on Brittany ferries. I would suggest a hire car maybe. Keep an eye on my blog for more info as alot of this is new to me too and I’m sure I will have problems along the way. But sometimes you just gotta go for it , so I am 😁


  3. Hey there is no need to pre book accommodation, you will be fine without. You don’t need to know where you’ll stop beforehand, I think that’s the beauty of it all. I hope the weather clears and you enjoy your camino πŸ™‚

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    1. Yea I completely agree and that is what I did on the Camino del Norte. Its just sooo much trickier with my two dogs with me as it really restricts options. I have pre booked 5 nights but intend to stay on longer with no bookings as I am carrying a tent and all my camping gear as a back up 😁

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    1. Yes the rain really is something else. I’m starting to think I have brought the rain over from Cornwall, but I’m not complaining. Thankyou for swinging by 😁


  4. The Basque country is green for a reason! If it’s any consolation, I live on Cote d’Azur and we’ve had a very wet spring which shows no sign of abating.

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    1. Yes it certainly is, thankyou for reminding me-its a good mantra. Give me an abundance of water over an arid dessert anyday! I hope your spring dries out soon, thankyou for your kind words of wisdom 😁


  5. Yes it certainly is, thankyou for reminding me-its a good mantra. Give me an abundance of water over an arid dessert anyday! I hope your spring dries out soon, thankyou for your kind words of wisdom 😁


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