Mountain: Muru (754m)

ALTITUDE START: 341 meters

ALTITUDE END: 754 meters




So I kick start this blog off with my weekly go to mountain in The Basque Country, Northern Spain. This mountain is accessible from Mondragon in the Gipuzkoa area. It is one of the easier mountains of this valley.

Muru is Basque (or euskara) for hill , which sums it up really as its only just over 700 meters high, its a mear baby in the landscape. Its a very important bump in the landscape though as it is a border of 3 provinces (Gipuzkoa, Araba and Biscaya) and is very strategically placed. It contains an old prehistoric settlement and in the civil war it was part of the frontline defense but was unfortunately bombed quite heavily by Francos troups.

So I start from just up from the university in Mondragon. Its quite hard to find if you don’t know the area but I am sure if you want to get there you will find it. You can always message me too.

The walk itself starts pretty fair but gets harder as you get to the top. You pass a few farm houses along the way and it can be quite muddy to begin with, I don’t like going during or after heavy rain. It is typical Northern Spanish pine forest for most of the way up till it becomes more open and grassy at the top.


About half way into the journey you reach a fountain where you can top up on some of the finest Basque water. Here is a picture modelled by 2 beautiful Welsh sheep dogs ❤


And sometimes you will be welcomed by a few donkeys (who love a cuddle and pat on the nose)


So theres a few ways to go after you reach the fountain. I just keep on going up and up. Its quicker and its a good old work out too. As you get higher you will start to see the big masts that are at the top and eventually you will hit grassland and be able to see a good view around including neighbouring mountain Udalaitx  appearing above the treeline.


And at the top is the big cross and a bell to ring!! I have a a cloudy day shot and a sunny day shot of the cross to share. Its amazing to think that people carried that massive chunk of metal up… whoa!!



And you can look right across to the neighbouring ladscape. Its a lovely view and not to hard to get there either.


That tall pointy one is Anboto


So there you have it. A beginners guide to the mountains of Gipuzkoa in The Basque Country.

My work out info seems to say its higher than the locals do, and I know who I trust more (the locals obviously). But its always good to have a gander at the profiles to see how steap the walk is.

Screenshot_20180310-051137Well thats al from me this morning.

Happy hiking xxx

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